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Would you like to obtain the Label Engagement RGPD ?

Contact us now to discuss the conditions for obtaining the label. We will fix an audit date with you.

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Who awards the label ?

The Label Engagement RGPD is issued by APAVE (certification body already approved by the CNIL for the certification of DPO skills).

What is the value of this label ?

This label respects the guidelines issued by the European Data Protection Committee relating to certification and labeling. It is issued by a certifying body already approved by the CNIL for the certification of the DPO’s skills and is based on the legal texts in force. This is the first label created since the implementation of the GDPR.

Who Can I contact to be certified ?

You have two solutions :

Do you believe that your entity complies with the benchmark ? In this case, contact APAVE Certification directly to set an audit date by clicking here.

Are you unsure of your compliance with the standard or do not have the time to deal with it? Contact us to optimize your chances of success.

Who is the apave certification ?

The Apave Certification is the certifying body that will take care of your audit and the issuance of your label. This body is approved by the CNIL for the certification of DPO skills.

What is the period of validity of the label ?

The label is valid for 3 years. We have set this period to offer you a constant development of the label in the light of regulations that progress and evolve rapidly.

How much is the cost of the label ?

The cost of the label depends on your labeling goal but also on the size of the audit to be carried out. To obtain a quote, contact us via our contact form.

How do i know if i am eligible for the label ?

To be eligible for the label, you will need to fulfill our pre-requisites and meet as many of the standard’s criteria as possible. To find out more, go to the obtain the label tab or contact us.

What is the Agence RGPD Franchise ?

The different Agence RGPD are members of the Agence RGPD franchise. Everywhere in France, they support their clients in ensuring their structure’s implementation and maintenance of the compliance based on a methodology adapted to the label’s reference system.